The Self-Service Trend That Will Drive Success in 2020

How it Began We have seen a drastic change in our daily lives due to the impact of COVID-19. A new set of challenges and modifications must be addressed when employers consider reopening their businesses. It is important that employers provide appropriate screening tools and safety measures before completely opening up. Public health experts encourage

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Face Data Entry – How to add a new user

How To Add A New User Login After connecting the power supply, enter the face recognition app page normally, connect the USB interface and click the middle wheel key. Enter the following prompt input password page, enter the password:123456 and click the “ok” button to enter the setting page. Application settings

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Self-Service Innovation – Automatic Temperature Scanning

In today’s modern world, we are seeing that many businesses are turning to robotics and technology to accomplish tasks that would otherwise be performed by humans. We’ve seen this in bars that feature robotic bartending services and self-order kiosks at various restaurants. This revolution of technology based service is due to the fact that the

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