How it Began

We have seen a drastic change in our daily lives due to the impact of COVID-19. A new set of challenges and modifications must be addressed when employers consider reopening their businesses. It is important that employers provide appropriate screening tools and safety measures before completely opening up. Public health experts encourage employers to find reasonable solutions to protect their workers. Because of this widespread outbreak, companies like VPR Brands are developing a system to prevent the spread of diseases. Some places are developing virus screening questionnaires, but VPR believes it’s easier to use the temperature detector with facial recognition instead. The infrared body temperature scanner is a useful tool which companies can use to promote safety in the workplace with it’s hands-free features.

High-Tech Features

”Over the past month, companies have started marketing a slew of employee-tracking tools to combat the virus,” according to Natasha Singer, an author at The New York Times. Some of the major features of the infrared body temperature scanner include: radar perception, temperature monitoring, mask and face recognition, and attendance statistics. Each of these features play an important role for the prevention and control of further spread of the disease. The temperature monitor, for example, has infrared technology which scans the body for a person’s temperature using a 32 by 24 matrix non-contact temperature module. The individual’s temperature is measured in degrees Fahrenheit. If the body temperature is scanned and is above the maximum temperature to enter, the voice alarm is activated. This feature indicates the risk of infection and prevents others from contracting it. Also, this devices’ technology is capable of detecting if masks are being worn. If the person is scanned and isn’t wearing a mask, they will be denied entry to the location. This device also provides ease for entry, as it is more accurate than some other methods. The VPR temperature scanner with facial recognition includes flexible installation, as it can be set up on a kiosk. It responds within minutes, to help ease the flow of entry in the workplace. After it takes a scan and reports to the employer, the results are logged into a database that is safe and secure. This database also stores the employees’ attendance records plus access to visitor management systems to help keep everyone safe. The scanner can form the temperature detection data into a table so employers can analyze the flow in the workplace. While all of these features seem intrusive, it is crucial to implement non-invasive employee checks in order to keep their confidentiality safe.

Safety Benefits

In order to reopen the economy safely, there must be new systems set in place to lower the risk in the workplace not only for employees but everyone involved. VPR Brands has been looking for ways to provide better measures to protect all workers. As mentioned, this health tracking technology takes the person’s temperature with a thermal camera, so it remains touch-free in order to help prevent the spread.It is best to install this device around major entrances or exits to provide the best means of safety. The kiosk is flexible, as it can be wall-mounted or on a stand. The temperature scanning facial recognition device decreases the risks in the workforce and is able to increase productivity. It provides a faster way of entry as opposed to having someone manually check temperatures at the door. Also, it helps make sure the customers feel safe when entering a facility. They are assured that their safety is the company’s priority when faced with economic challenges. This kind of technology is beneficial around community areas, such as malls, airports, schools, hospitals, casinos, etc. These locations are typically heavily populated and can create a risk for others if someone is carrying the disease. Handsanitizer and masks alone won’t prevent the spread of disease like this powerful machine does. Singer also adds,“(At) least for now, increased tracking and screening seem poised to become a fact of daily life not just for workers but also for consumers.” We believe the real time temperature monitor is effective in preventing further epidemics. So even though there are significant challenges caused by COVID-19 in the workplace, there are solutions with the right technology.

At A Glance

This fast and highly effective device can reassure you about the health of your employees and customers. It also automatically identifies a person and provides a real-time warning when it senses that a mask is not being worn or if the temperature is too high in order to implement prevention. While this device is not exactly a thermometer, it’s important to note that it measures the radiated energy from the individual it’s scanning. That same radiant energy is then converted into an electronic signal which can show the temperature calculation on the kiosk. This device is crucial for the future success of businesses due to it‘s stress-free installation. The scanner is no contact and non-invasive, so it won’t cause harm to personnel using it. Another benefit of investing in this device is the ability for multimode operation. This means it can run even when it isn’t connected to the internet. The temperature detector with facial recognition works to protect hard-working Americans like you from the consequences of this economic shutdown. While implementing infrared thermal imaging, the machine checks temperatures and attempts to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. VPR Brands is expanding its production of its 2-megapixel wide angle dynamic camera in order to combat the current economic challenge. As this public health pandemic overwhelms global businesses, it is crucial to research practical solutions. With a 7-inch touch screen,this cutting-edge infrared thermal imaging technology is an efficient step towards providing safety during the current outbreak. This self service machine has the potential to improve safety concerns when reopening the economy.