In today’s modern world, we are seeing that many businesses are turning to robotics and technology to accomplish tasks that would otherwise be performed by humans. We’ve seen this in bars that feature robotic bartending services and self-order kiosks at various restaurants. This revolution of technology based service is due to the fact that the population has increased to the point where people want to get in and out of a store, and fast. Customers don’t enjoy waiting for hours just to be served when they can do it automatically on a self-serving kiosk, or at a self-checkout lane that replaces the traditional cashier.

As we move further into the future, the use of technology will undoubtedly start to replace more human-based jobs and tasks that are prone to human error. When using machines to accomplish simple tasks that a self-serving kiosk or scanner can solve, the company or organization improves overall efficiency. Because of this, self-service technology and innovation is at the brink of becoming the next “must-have” equipment for corporations that deal with the public.

How COVID-19 Created The Demand For a Thermometer Kiosk

Due to the wide-spread COVID-19 pandemic, many corporations that have several employees and large amounts of customers are starting to use infrared thermometer scanners to ensure employees and customers are not showing symptoms of COVID-19 (aka Corona virus). While the future of the pandemic remains unclear, the use of infrared thermometers to check customers and employees on a daily basis is clearly a great way to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

Some of the industries that have started been notorious for using self-service kiosks to accomplish tasks are listed below. We can only speculate that there will be more industries to follow suit once the technology becomes more readily available.

Restaurants – McDonalds and other restaurants around the world can be seen using self-ordering kiosks that save time and make businesses more efficient while having fewer physical interactions.

Super Markets – Big grocery stores like Target and others have self-checkout stands that oftentimes have more people in line waiting than the lanes with human cashiers to be more socially distant.

Airports – Every major airport has self check in kiosks now that allow the airports to get more passengers checked in with less time and employees needed to do so.

As time goes on, more industries are joining the self-service technology band-wagon and investing in machines to make their business more efficient. Introducing self-service technology not only helps improve the efficiency of the business, it also helps build a modern image for customers that visit your establishment for the first time. The first impression that customers will get is that this business is modern and up to speed with the latest technology.

Efficient & Effective Technology For Preventing The Spread

Before infrared technology existed, we were forced to rely on the traditional approach which involves using a thermometer on one single individual at a time. Checking the temperature of one person can take up to 60 seconds with a traditional thermometer which is not efficient for corporations with hundreds or thousands of daily customers and/or employees. For that reason, the infrared thermometer kiosk has been developed.

Infrared scanners that check temperature for large amounts of people at a time can add to the overall efficiency of a workplace thus increasing ROI. Especially when you need to pre-check customers for temperature, which can take hours when dealing with the masses. Imagine having to manually check every customer that has to enter a large grocery store or medical facility such as a hospital, it would take countless man-hours to do so. However – with the use of an infrared scanner kiosk or walk through system, it would be automatic and would not require human labor. Adding automatic temperature scanning solutions to a business could very well increase the overall ROI or profitability of a business due to the fact that it will save money and time.

Are You Preventing The Spread of Viruses?

During pandemics, the only thing you can do to help end the crisis is to prevent the spread of the disease or virus. Business owners that own corporations or companies that deal with the public should take responsibility by practicing social distancing and being thorough with sanitization protocols. Using hand sanitizer and face masks is a great place to start but it will only get you so far. Many businesses are refusing entry to customers that don’t have a mask or gloves which is also a great way to help prevent the spread of viruses or diseases. Another great way to do so is by pre-checking customers and/or employees for symptoms such as high fever. This is exactly why we created the automatic walkthrough temperature scanning machine for entrances.

When using a temperature scanner to check visitors or employees before entering a building, you can feel confident knowing that the spread of the virus will be limited. Simply identifying those that have a temperature will prevent infected individuals from entering the premise and thus preventing the spread to other customers or employees. Business owners should be thinking about the future and how these types of machines can greatly help contribute towards creating a safer and healthier shopping experience. Business owners that take interest in these products should call or email us for more information about our self-service scanners and kiosks.